How does Mintos Signals work?

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Neural Networks

The Best Combination for Optimal Trading

Artificial Intelligence

We trust the future.

What is Artificial Intelligence for Trading?

Our engineering team has worked hard to develop and test a reliable and strong AI trading software for, the leading P2P lending and P2P investing platform.

We have integrated the most advanced Artificial Intelligence logics, with Neural Networks for self-learning systems, to predict the market movements.

How does it work?

Our algorithm analyzes historical data, movements, volumes, trends, to estimate whether any open loan could be a good investment.

Each single open loan is analyzed on a daily basis, and the data is constantly updated.

We give you the list of all the potentially successful open loans.

An “open loan” is a loan on which you can invest on.
We consider “successful” each loan that is fully repaid in time by the borrower.

Self Learning

Continuously Improving.

Is it monitored?

If one of the algorithms working on a specific asset shows to be better than others, we give higher importance to it and update our prediction model.

We monitor the efficiency daily, and we will notify you if there is a significant loss of precision. We will stop completely providing signals if the precision is <80% and your last payment will be fully refunded.

The results

The output provided by our Artificial Intelligence software is analyzed manually by our team of experts, to filter the initial Signals based on real-life analysis of the market.